Mr. Mohd. Ahmar Alvi

The primary research interest of Mohd. Ahmar Alvi lies in the interface of literature and food studies with a special focus on the ways literary representations of victuals and gastronomics insinuate dialectics of resistance, human complexity, repressed desires, power struggles, the vindication of the marginalized, indefensibility of human experience, social positioning and dislocation, and sexual and body politics. For his doctoral research, he is looking at the intersection of food studies and Dalit studies, where the central thesis explores how Dalit writers use their foodways to document resistance against majoritarian notions of taste, cuisine, pure and impure food, and prohibition of certain foods. He also takes interest in Dalit studies, queer studies, cultural studies, and contemporary critical theory. He has been awarded a grant to present a paper at an international conference "Anthropology of Fear" at European University, St. Petersburg, Russia. He has also been awarded scholarships to attend online courses “Critical Thinking in Language Learning and Teaching” at the University of Oregon (USA) and “TESOL” at the University of Maryland (USA).

  1. The Making of Indian Vegetarian Identity

    Mohd Ahmar Alvi, 'The Making of Indian Vegetarian Identity', Justin Nordstrom (Ed.), The Provisions of War: Expanding the Boundaries of Food and Conflict 1840-1990 ?(Fayetteville: The University of Arkansas Press, 2021), 75-90.

  1. From Inclusion to Exclusion: Food as a Marker of Identity

    Journal of the Faculty of Arts (Aligarh Muslim University), Vol. 10, No. 1, 2017-18, pp. 189-200.

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  2. A Critical Assessment of the Epistemology of a Queer Hero
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