University Health Services

About the University Health Services

The founder of MAO College (Sir Syed Ahmad Khan) was a strict disciplinarian and a highly health-conscious person. He established the very first dispensary for the boarding house residents in 1882, in the rooms adjacent to the Victoria Gate (presently office of the provost, Sir Syed Hall South). Dr. Amir Khan, Assistant Surgeon, managed this dispensary under the direct general supervision of the Civil Surgeon of the district. This arrangement continued for many years. Fortunately, on 23rd April 1901, Viceroy Lord Curzon visited/inspected the MAO College & its boarding house and wished to make a gift/donation to the college for its immediate needs. Mr. Morrison, the then Principal of MAO college, informed him of the need for a full-fledged hospital for the boarding house within the college itself. Lord Curzon readily gifted Rs 1000 for the project, and the foundation of the proposed Hospital was laid on the same day at the present University Health Service site. Seventeen donors of Rs 1,000/- each also contributed soon after the generous donation of Lord Curzon.

Nawab of Bhopal donated a princely grant of Rs 10,000/. Later on, this Hospital came to be known as Curzon Hospital. September 1916, Nawab Hamidullah donated a sum of Rs 14,000/ for the medical facilities on the eve of the 60th birthday of his mother Begum Sultan Jahan, ruler of Bhopal, who later became the first Chancellor of the Aligarh Muslim University. 

As the MAO College was elevated to the University in 1920, the Curzon Hospital was renamed the University Health Service/University Hospital, which has been shouldering the crucial responsibility of providing medical care and treatment to the students of the entire university.



To provide the best medical attention/first aid to the students of Aligarh Muslim University.


  1. Round-the-clock emergency services.
  2. OPD services all 365 days a year, even on Sundays and Holidays.
  3. Ambulance services to transport sick students from the U.H.S. to J.N. Medical College Hospital, AMU, Aligarh.

Contact Numbers:

Tel. No.: 0571-2700920,  Extn.: 4063.

Ambulance (Proctor Office): 09837000614.