Leadership and Organization

 These pages provide information about the Aligarh Muslim University's leadership and organization.

The Chancellor, the Pro-Chancellor and the Vice-Chancellor and the members of the Court, the Executive Council and the Academic Council, are a body corporate by the name of the Aligarh Muslim University and shall have perpetual succession and a common seal and shall sue and be sued by the name.

Officers of the University -
The following are the Officers of the University:
  • (1) The Chancellor,
  • (2) The Pro-Chancellor,
  • (3) The Vice-Chancellor,
  • (3A) The Pro-Vice Chancellor,
  • (3B) The Honorary Treasurer
  • (3C) The Registrar,
  • (3D) The Finance Officer
  • (3E) The Deans of the Faculties; and
  • (4) Such other Officers as may be declared by the Statutes to be Officers of the University.
Authorities of the University -
The following shall be the authorities of the University:-
  • (1) The Court
  • (2) The Executive Council
  • (3) The Academic Council
  • (3A) The Finance Committee,
  • (3B) The Faculties; and
  • (4) Such other authorities as may be declared by the Statutes to be authorities of the University.