Department of English


Dept. data last updated on :27/05/2023

SOP, Office of the Department of English


  1. The office of the Department of English is engaged with providing all required support to the faculty, students and support staff to ensure the smooth functioning of the department.

  2. The Office overall supervises all administrative work(s) under the direction of the Chairperson.

  3. It maintains all accounts, purchases, drafting, typing, and of proforma for various university purposes.

  4. Expedites UGC Non-Net and other fellowships for the students.

  5. Collects the attendance records of the undergraduate and postgraduate students of the department and maintains the records of the leaves of faculty.

  6. The office collects all records of examinations, award lists and dispatches for result processing to the offices of the Controller.

  7. Provides support for all Departmental Entrance Tests and Admissions.

  8. Ensures maintenance of all department, smart classrooms, seminar library, archive room, DRS room, Faculty chambers including ICT enabled technologies, computers, laptops, projectors etc.

  9. Conducts physical verification of all department’s physical assets and maintains the stock register.

  10. Responsible for the updating of the department website under the guidance of the Website Committee and the Chairperson.

  11. Ensures the running of the departmental multimedia portals, emails email, whatsapp, messages.

  12. Maintains records for circulation of all internal mails/notices/circulars from the office of the Chairperson.

SOP of DRS Room


1. Established under the UGC SAP DRS II, facilitates research on Translation Studies.

2. The Faculty members, research scholars and translators can avail the facilities available in the DRS Room.

3. It provides the infrastructural facilities to promote the activity of translation.

Arranged in the form of a spread out working space around circular tables designed for group work, it also functions as a venue for discussions and workshops.

5. Functions as a reading room with a seating capacity of approx. fifty people and stores more than a hundred books on Translation Studies.

6. The faculty, the translators, research scholars, Post Graduate Students can access and browse the books through the OPAC.

7. Equipped with facilities for printing.

SOP of Archive Room


  1. The Archive Room showcases the department’s commitment to technology-infused pedagogy that far precedes the emergence of the internet and digital routes of scholarship.

  2. An antique Radiogram, Gramophone, Slide Projectors and rare LPs of literary performances and Language Teaching modules bear testimony to the Department’s commitment to using the latest equipment available for pedagogical purpose.

  3. The department also endeavours to digitise and secure the archival records. 

  4. The Collection forms an important part of the existing infrastructure and continues to inspire the faculty to integrate the latest practices of today in their teaching and research. 

  5. The aesthetically set up room also offers itself as a hub for the faculty members to gather both formally and informally to discuss new projects and pedagogical practices.

SOP of Multimedia Language Lab


  1. Language Lab, Department of English is open to all faculty, research scholars, postgraduate and undergraduate students, is used to promote teaching/learning of English Language skills.

  2. It also works as a training platform for Research and Development activities.

  3. The Lab computers are accessed through the unique login id provided to all faculty and students of the Department of English.

  4. All softwares installed in the computers are licensed and the Department follows standard procedure of procurement and usage in line with the Central Computer Centre of the University.

  5. Smooth running of the Lab is aided by the Lab Manual and Teachers Guide Relan Pro (Renet Digital Language Studio 2003).

  6. The Manual provides as a detailed guideline for registered Language Users from among the faculty, research scholars, Postgraduate and Undergraduate students of the Department.

SOP of Seminar Library

publication. 1. Seminar Library is well-stocked with approximately ten thousand books.

2. Facilitates faculty and students, as well as colleagues from other departments who would like to use the facility.

3. The faculty, research scholars, and undergraduate and postgraduate students of the Department can browse for books through OPAC and can issue/use the books as per the Seminar rules.

4. Books are catalogued with accession numbers for each, in line with the procedure followed by the Maulana Azad Library of the University.

5. In addition to access of all books of the Seminar, a separate section of books and materials are specially allocated for them in keeping with the MA curriculum and NET/JRF preparation, so as to facilitate them in studying and preparing for competitive examinations.

7. Books can be accessed/borrowed by showing valid identity cards issued by the University.

8. Two post-graduate students are appointed as Seminar Secretary.

9. The Undergraduate students can also access the student section of the Seminar library.