Department of English

Thrust Area

Dept. data last updated on :27/05/2023

Thrust Areas of the Department of English

The Department maintains separate Undergraduation and Postgraduation Programmes in Literature and English Language Teaching with a a large PhD research programme involving over 200 research scholars every year. As such, the department maintains interests in various thrust areas not limited to-

A. English Literature:
(i) Drama: Elizabethan to Modern, (British, American and Continental).
(ii) Poetry: Elizabethan to Modern.
(iii) Prose and Fiction: From 17th Century to the Modern.
(iv) Literary Criticism and Theory
(v) Performance Studies
(vi) Digital Humanities
(vii) Subaltern and  Disability Studies
(viii) Environmental Studies

B. English Language Teaching (ELT):
(i) Theoretical and Applied Linguistics:
Phonetics, Grammar, Psycholinguistics (Theories of Language Learning, Inter language, Error Analysis)
Sociolinguistics, (Functions and Variations of Language; Language, Society and Culture,
Communicative Competence, Discourse Analysis)
(ii) Teaching of Skills and Elements of Language
(iii) Syllabus Designing and Material Production and Testing