Department of English

Grants and Funding

Dept. data last updated on :27/05/2023


UGC-SAP DRS Phase II on Translation Studies

Grant: Rs 54 Lacs/-

Coordinator: Professor M Rizwan Khan

Deputy Coordinator: Professor Vibha Sharma

National Film Archive of India

Programme on Indian Cinema

Amount- 70,000/

Action Research Project ELT@I

Teaching Technical Writing

Amount- Rs 10,000/

Research Project on Protection of Human Rights Act 1993

Project on Prison Systems by National Human Rights Commission


GIAN Ph-III Course 194025F11

Manuals of Motherhood: Meditations on Transnational Literary Tropes

Amount- to be specified

GIAN Ph-III Course 194025F07

Subtitling Screened Dialogues: The Pragmatics of Audio-Visual Translation

Amount- to be specified

GIAN Ph-III Course 194025F08

Electronic Literature and Artificial Intelligence: Theory and Practice of Digital Storytelling

Amount- to be specified

GIAN Ph-III Course 194025G02

Digital Literatures and Literatures in the Digital

Amount- to be specified

E Teacher Scholarship Programme

Teachign Programme sponsored by RELO

Amount- Rs 25000/


The Grant is being received by the Department for UGC sponsored DRS Phase I. The Coordinator is

(1) Prof. Syeda Nuzhat Zeba (Coordinator)

(2) Dr. Raihan Raza (Deputy Coordinator)

Core Committe Members are:

(1) Prof. Asif Shuja (Chairman)

(2) Dr. Md. Rizwan Khan

(3) Dr. Shaheena Tarannum

(4) Dr. Vibha Sharma

42.5 Lakhs (Completed)

Training Needs Analysis of Secondary School English Teachers in Aligarh

UGC Project on Secondary School English

Amount- 7,75,000/-

Training Course in Spoken English

UGC programme on Spoken English

Amount- 5,50,000/