Dr. Faisal Hasan

    Ph.D. (IIT Roorkee)




    Manufacturing Systems, Operations Management, Human Factors


    Room No WE-G04, Ergonomics Research Division, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Z.H.College of Engineering & Technology, Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh 202002, Uttar Pradesh, India






Hasan obtained his Ph.D. in the area of Reconfigurable Manufacturing System from Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee. Joined as Faculty in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, AMU in 2003. Teaching and research interests includes Manufacturing Systems, Human Factors and Operations Management. He has published papers in various International journals like Opsearch, Occupational Ergonomics, Work, International Journal of Industrial and Systems Engineering, and International Journal of Operations Management. Also attended and presented papers at various international and national conferences.
  1. Papers and Book Chapters:
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Mid Semester Marks: MEH2540_(Electrical IV Sem)
MEC6210: Course Structure, Objectives and Outcomes
ME6210: Inventory
Introduction to Engineering Economy and Laws
ME6210: Production Planning & Control
present worth anlysis with unequal lives
Nominal and Effective Interest Rates
Present Worth Analysis with equal lives
Time value of Money, cash flows and their equivalence
Annual Worth Analysis
Breakeven Analysis
Cost Benefit Analysis
Replacement Analysis
Economic Indicators