Department of Mechanical Engineering


Dept. data last updated on :20/04/2024


SOP for the Governance of the Department:

  • The Department is chaired by a Chairperson appointed as per AMU Ordinances.

  • The Department is divided into four Sections as under and a Section Incharge is assigned to every section.

Fluid Mechanics Section

Industrial & Production Section

Heat Transfer Section

Machine Design Section

  • The Teaching Load is prepared by each section and placed before the Board of Studies of the Department where it is discussed and approved.

  • Internal and External Examiners, Moderators, Re-evaluators, Scrutinizers and Tabulators are also approved by the Board of Studies of the Department.

  • Various Committees as under deal with the academic matters of the Department.  The recommendations of these Committees are perused and approved by the Board of Studies of the Department.

  • Post Graduate Research Committee (PGRC)

  • Post Graduate Coordination Committee (PGCC)

  • Under Graduate Coordination Committee (UGCC)

PGCC and PGRC handle the academic matters related to M.Tech and Ph.D. Programs of the Department.

UGCC handles academic matters related to B.Tech and B.E. Programs.

SOP for Industry-Institute Interactions:

  • Industry-Institute Interaction Committee contacts persons from Industry related to various fields of Mechanical Engineering and invites them for lectures and interactions with students and teachers of the Department. 

  • Feedback of the Industry persons are also obtained while modifying syllabus of courses for different Programs of the Department and suitably incorporated.

SOP for Finance and Purchase:

  • The needs of each Section are identified by the Section Incharges and sent to the Chairperson who allocates the funds for the purchases based on the requirement.

  • Purchases are made through the GEM portal or as per the rules of the GFR 2017.

SOP for Introduction of new courses and modification of Syllabi:

  • As per the industry requirement, individual teachers in consultation with the feedback of industry experts and the Curriculum Development Committee (CDC) propose modification(s) in the existing syllabus and the introduction of new courses.

  • The proposal is routed through UGCC/PGCC of the Section and the PGRC of the Department which is finally placed before the Board of Studies for its approval.

SOP for Consultancy and Job Work

  • On the basis of the available expertise and resources, requisitions are invited
  • Requisitions received are marked to the Consultancy Cell of the Department
  • Appropriate faculty and resource are assigned the task
  • The task is executed in the given specific time.