Department of Commerce


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Seminar Library

SOP: 1.0"

1.1: Books and their Filling in Shelves


Step 1

Approval for book Purchase

  1. Submission of books recommendation by different faculty members and students to the seminar library.

  2. Recommendations are checked by Library Attendant for duplicate, availability, etc.

  3. Approval is taken for the recommended books by Departmental purchase Committee.

Step 2

Order Placement and Physical Verification of Purchased Books

  1. The recommended list of books is sent to the Maulana Azad library, A.M.U. for placing order.

  2. Physical verification: Annual physical verification by the internal staff of the department. In every 3 years, a committee of the central library does the through physical verification.


Processing Bill

  1. Accessioning of books in the accession register of Seminar Library.

  2. Finally, the bill is processed and submitted to accounts section


Technical Processing

  1. Technical processing of the books including classification, cataloguing and indexing is done.

  2. Physical processing of the books including pasting of authority slips, placing the tags and stamping is carried out.

  3. Then the books are placed in shelves according to their call number by the library staff.

1.2:  Stock Verification of Library Books


Step 1

Noting the Accession Number

  1. Staff notes down the accession numbers of books on the library shelves.

  2. Separate sheets of paper are prepared for each library shelf. Each member of the physical verification committee are given one set of sheets and is asked to note down the accession numbers of books in the library shelves that is specifically assigned to him.

  3. While noting the accession numbers, book is physically checked and is taken out of shelf, if the book is damaged/beyond repair.

Step 2

Re-verifying the missing Books

  1. List of books again checked with collection.

  2. The final list of missing books is reported to the Chairperson for necessary action.

1.3: Book Issue and Return Policy of Seminar Library in Department of Commerce



Purpose of Issue

(Home & Residence)

Max. Book Issued

UG & PG: 01 (Overnight)

Ph.D.: 06 (2 months)

For Reading in Seminar


Purpose of Issue

(Home & Residence)

Max. Book Issued

Faculty Members (Regular/Adhoc): 12 (4 months)

In case of loss/damage, the concerned has to bear the cost of the book OR has to submit the latest edition of the book