Dr. Mohd. Mohsin

    Ph.D. (Water Resources), IIT Delhi


    Associate Professor


    Surveying, Hydraulic Structures, Quantity Surveying, CFD (VOF Model) etc.


    Civil Engineering Section, University Polytechnic, AMU, Aligarh-202002 (INDIA)





    Time Table 22-23 (Even Semester)


Dr. Mohd. Mohsin received his B. Sc. Engineering (Civil) degree in 1988 and M. Sc. Engineering (Hydraulic Structures) degree in 1990 from Aligarh Muslim University (AMU), Aligarh, India. He joined as lecturer in Civil Engineering Section (CES), University Polytechnic in 1990. At present, he is Associate Professor in Civil Engineering Section at University Polytechnic, AMU, Aligarh. He obtained his Ph.D. degree in Water Resources Engineering, Department of Civil Engineering, IIT, Delhi, India, in 2017. He has worked as Incharge, CES for 3 years (09 March 2018 to 08 March, 2021). He has a shining academic record. He has published research papers in reputed National/International Journals and Conferences. He has a total teaching experience of about 31 years. He is a life member of Indian Society for Hydraulics (ISH), Indian Society for Technical Education (ISTE) and Fellow of Institution of Engineers, India (IEI). He is a good teacher and an active & dedicated researcher. He is also a reviewer of J. of  Irri. and Drain. Engg., ASCE, Particuology and Food Process Engineering. The major fields of his specialization include Surveying (including Total Station and Auto Level), Quantity Survey & Valuation, Hydraulics & Hydraulic Structures, Sedimentation and CFD (VOF Model).

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  2. Journals

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PCE504C: UNIT-II & III: Lecture-2: Building Estimate (Centre Line Method)
PCE504C: Unit-II & III : Lecture-I: Building Estimate (Long wall & Short wall Method)
PCE504C-UNIT-I: Theory
Syllabus: PCE504C Quantity Survey & Valuation-I
Syllabus:BCE-504-Quantity Survey & Valuation-I
BS1200-Total number of Parts
BS:1200-(Part12)-Plastering & Pointing
BCE-604: Unit-III-Valuation & Detailed specifications
BCE-604: Unit-IV-Contract System & Tender
BCE-604: Syllabus
Detailed Specifications of CC (1:2:4) Flooring (Unit-III)
Detailed Specifications of Earth work excavation in Foundation
Types of Contracts-Advantages & Disadvantages-BCE-604-Unit-IV
Calculation of Earth Work for Irrigation Canals
Numerical: Earth Work for Irrigation Canals-Ex.1
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