Dr. Mohammad Kafi

    M. Sc. Engg (Civil), Ph.D


    Associate Professor


    Hydraulic Structures


    Kothi Amir Nishan,Civil Lines, Aligarh-202001





    Time Table Dr. Mohammad Kafi


Dr. Mohammad Kafi completed his B.Sc. Engineering (Civil) degree in 1987 and ,Ph.D in 2021. He worked as Structural Engineer for two years at m/s CREATE Architects and Structural Engineers at Allahabad. Thereafter he joined as a Part Time Teacher(Civil) at University Polytechnic in October 1991. In March 1993, he was appointed as Lecturer in Civil Engineering Section of University Polytechnic. In 2003, he was promoted to Lecturer (Selection Grade) and then to Associate Professor in 2006. He has a total experience of 29 years out of which for three years he served as Lecturer at Sultanate of Oman. He has nine published research papers to his credit and one accepted for presentation at a forthcoming conference. 

  1. Research Papers

    Research Publications:-

    1.  “Modification of Local Scour Equations”. Journal of Institution of Engineers (India), Civil Engineering Division, May ’95, Vol. 76, pp. 25-28.
    2.  “Ultimate Scour Depth at Bridge Piers” Proceedings, VIII congress, Asia and Pacific Division, International Association for Hydraulic Research, Oct. 20-23 ’92, CWPRS, Pune, pp. C 93-106.
    3.  Scour at Bridge Piers- A comparative Study”. Proceedings, Workshop on ‘River Scour’ by Central Board of Irrigation and Power, Dec. ’92 at Varanasi U.P.
    4.  “Bridge Pier Scour Equations, A Comparative Study”. Presented at 86th Congress of Indian Science Congress Association, on Jan 5, ’99 held at Chennai.
    5.  "Permeability of Stratified Soils Parallel to Bedding Plane". Presented at WRM-19, a national conference held at Department of Civil Engineering, Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh on 15-16 March 2019
    6.  "An Experimental Study with CFD simulation of Horizontal Flow through Porous Media" Water Energy International. A journal of CBIP Govt. of India, June 2020 pp 48 - 55
    7.  "An Experimental and Simulation study of Flow through Stratified Soils" Water Energy International. A journal of CBIP Govt. of India, December 2020 pp 60 - 72
    8.  "Application of FLUENT Software in Determination of Permeability of Soil" Presented at HYDRO 2020- International Conference held at NIT Rourkela on 26-28 March 2021.
    9.  “Permeability of Sloping Soil Layer: An Experimental Study” Presented at HYDRO 2021 held at NIT Surat on 23-25 December 2021.

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