Dr. Ahmad Fuzail Hashmi

    Ph.D., M.Tech (Structural Engineering), B.Tech (Civil Engineering)


    Guest Faculty


    Sustainable Concrete, Long-term properties of Cementitious Material and Concrete Technology


    Firdaus Nagar, Qila Road, Aligarh





Dr. Ahmad Fuzail Hashmi has been a faculty member in the civil engineering section of the University Polytechnic since 2019. He did B.Tech and M.Tech (Structural Engineering) from Zakir Hussain College of Engineering and Technology and obtained Ph.D degree from AMU, Aligarh. His research area includes sustainable concrete and the long-term properties of cementitious materials. He has a good academic record throughout and is among the top three students at  M.Tech and B.Tech levels. He has published over 20 research articles in SCI/ Scopus indexed peer-reviewed journals and conferences. Some of the key publications are in (Construction and Building Materials, Elsevier), (Structures, Elsevier), (Arabian Journal for Science and Engineering, Springer), (IJST: Transactions of Civil Engineering, Springer), (Innovative Infrastructure Solutions, Springer), etc. Additionally, he has a patent also. He has presented several research papers at various international conferences in India as well as abroad. Besides this, he is also serving as a reviewer of various SCI indexed journals.

  1. List of Publications

    Paper Published in SCI / Scopus Indexed Journals

    1. A. Fuzail Hashmi, M. Shariq, and A. Baqi, “An investigation into age-dependent strength, elastic modulus and deflection of low calcium fly ash concrete for sustainable construction”, Construction and Building Materials, 283 (2021) 122772. (SCI, I.F-7.69, Elsevier publication)

    2.  A. Fuzail Hashmi, M. Shariq and A. Baqi, “Flexural performance of high volume fly ash reinforced concrete beams and slabs”, Structures, 2020, (Vol. 25, pp. 868-

    880). (SCI, I.F-4.01, Elsevier publication)

    3.  A. Fuzail Hashmi, M. Shariq, and A. Baqi,Use of HVFA Concrete for Sustainable Development: A Comprehensive Review on Mechanical and Structural Properties”, Arabian Journal for Science and Engineering, 2022. (SCI, I.F–2.80, Springer publication) 


    4.   A. Fuzail Hashmi, M. Shariq, and A. Baqi,Age-Dependent Strength Assessment of Low Calcium Fly Ash Concrete Based on Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity and Rebound Hammer Number Measurement”, IJST: Transactions of Civil Engineering, 2022. (SCI, I.F–1.48, Springer publication)

    5. A. Fuzail Hashmi, M. Shariq and A. Baqi, "Experimental and analytical investigation on the age-dependent tensile strength of low-calcium fly ash-based concrete", Innovative Infrastructure Solution, 6, 72 (2021). (ESCI, Scopus, Cite Score-2.84, Springer publication

    6. A. Fuzail Hashmi, M. Shariq, and A. Baqi, "Successive sustained loading effect on the long-term deflection of flat slab", SN Applied Sciences, 1896 (2020). (ESCI, Scopus, Cite Score-2.11, Springer publication) 

    7. A. Fuzail Hashmi, M. Shariq, A. Baqi and Moinul Haq, “Optimization of Fly Ash Concrete – A solution to Sustainable Development”, Materials Today: Proceedings, 2020. (Scopus, Cite Score-2.3, Elsevier publication)

    8. A. Fuzail Hashmi, M. Shariq and A. Baqi, "Age-Dependent Compressive Strength of Fly Ash Concrete using Non-Destructive Testing Techniques", Lecture Note in Civil Engineering, Volume 58 pp. 107-115, 2020. (Scopus, Cite Score: 0.775, Springer publication)


    9.  A. Fuzail Hashmi, M. S. Khan, M. Bilal, M. Shariq, A. Baqi, "Green Concrete: An Eco-Friendly Alternative to the OPC Concrete", Construction, Vol. 2, Issue 2, 93-103, Dec, 2022.

    10. A. Fuzail HashmiM. Ayaz, A. Bilal, M. Shariq and A. Baqi, "GA based hybrid ANN optimization approach for the prediction of compressive strength of high-volume fly ash concrete mixes", Asian Journal of Civil Engineering, Springer 2023. (Scopus, Cite Score-1.83, Springer publication)

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