Department of Sunni Theology


Dept. data last updated on :21/11/2023

SOP Department Office

The Department of Sunni Theology Office is engaged with providing all required support to the faculty, students and staff to ensure the smooth running of the department.

The Office overall supervises all administrative works under the direction of the chairperson. It monitors all accounts, purchases, drafting and typing and maintaining of proformas for various university purposes. It monitors and expedites UGC non net and other fellowships for the students. It collects the attendance records of the undergraduate and postgraduate students of the department and records the leaves of all students and faculty. The office collects all records of examinations and marks and conveys them to the controller besides providing support for all Department Entrance Tests and Admissions.

The Office ensures maintenance of all department smart classrooms, seminar library, and office rooms of the faculty.

The Office is responsible for the updating of the department website under the guidance of the chairperson. It ensures the running of the departmental email and phone call notification and response channels. It maintains records for and delivers all internal mails circulated to and from the department. It also provides facilities for photocopy and printouts.

SOP of Seminar Library

The Department of Sunni Theology maintains clear operating procedures for optimum utilization of its resources. 

The Department has a well stocked Seminar Library with approximately Eight Thousand books. It facilitates both faculty and students, as well as anyone who would like to use the books for academic purposes. The faculty, research scholars and Undergraduate and Postgraduate students of the Department can browse for books through the OPAC and can issue/use the books as per the Seminar rules. The Seminar Library can be accessed during office hours. 

1: The Seminar Library books are catalogued with Accession numbers for each, in line with the procedure followed by the Maulana Azad Library of the University.

2: The Postgraduate students have, in addition to access to all books of the Seminar, a section of books and materials specially allocated for them, in line with the MA curriculum and for NET/JRF preparation, so as to facilitate them in studying and preparing for competitive examinations. These books can be accessed/borrowed by producing valid identity cards of the University. For facilitating this process, a Seminar Secretary is appointed from among the Postgraduate students.  

3: The Undergraduate students also have a section of books allocated for them covering the BA curriculum, so as to aid them in studying for the course and facilitate them in preparing for competitive exams. These books can be accessed by producing valid identity cards of the University.