Department of Sunni Theology

About the Department

Dept. data last updated on :21/11/2023


With rich heritage spanning over 60 years, the Department of Sunni Theology is the flagship of the Faculty of Theology, famous for its Under Graduate, Post Graduate,  Ph.D. (Sunni Theology) and academic excellence. The teaching methodologies and academic rigor make sure that the Department of Sunni Theology retains a special place in India and abroad as well as in the heart of those who live, study and teach here. Graduates from our Department are highly valued for communication, leadership and problem solving skills in religious matters.


The Department of Sunni Theology caters the teaching around 150 regular students beside more than 2000 compulsory students of B.A.


The Department of Sunni Theology has a rich history. It was headed by scholars of international repute like Maulana Saeed Ahmad Akbarabadi, Prof. Qazi Mazharuddin Bilgrami, Prof. Fazlur Rahman Ginnori, Prof. Taqi Amini, Prof. Zainus Sajidin Siddiqui (Present Qazi, Meerut and Former Chairman Madarsa Board, Govt. of U.P. These scholars had authored hundred of books published in various languages throughout the world.


Mr. Mufti P.M. Saeed, Ex. Home Minister of Govt. of India and Ex. Chief Minister of J&K, Prof. Akhtarul Wasey, Vice-Chancellor, Maulana Azad University, Jodhpur, Rajasthan, Prof. Baseer Ahmad Khan, Ex. PVC, IGNOU and Mr. Ashfaqur Rahman, Director, Censor Board, Foreign Publication, Govt. of Qatar has been Alumnus of the Department of Sunni Theology.


Even, now we have Faculty members, who have numerous scholarly research papers and books published in different languages in many countries. The Faculty members of this Department have participated in religious and Inter-Faith Conferences in different countries and delivered lectures in the overseas institutions and also honored as Visiting Professor, Mercer University, U.S.A.


To inculcate the merits of preaching in the students with the amalgamation of well-rounded religious and contemporary knowledge and to prepare them for powerful expression through speeches and writings in order to respond to the challenges of the time.


To produce students of such excellence, who could hold the position in the world on the one hand and could gain the everlasting success in hereafter on the other, through serving the country, the community and mankind as a whole.