Department of Philosophy

Notable Alumni

Dept. data last updated on :23/03/2021


1. Prof. Zafarul Hasan

His book entitled "Realism" published from Oxford University Press had been highly appreciated by academicians and scholars around the world.

2. Prof. M.M. Sharif

He is the author of book entitled "The History of Muslim Philosophy" in 2 volumes. He also became the Vice-Chancellor of Lahore University.

3. Prof. Umaruddin-

He is the author of book entitled "Ethical Philosophy of Al-Ghazzali". He had been Head of the Department of philosophy in 1965 when Psychology was a part of the Philosophy department.

4. Prof. Zafar Ahmad Siddiqui:

His famous book - Dialectical Materialism and other Essays.

5. Prof. Ishrat Hasan Enver

His famous book - Metaphysics of Iqbal. / He was the Head of the Department.

6. Prof. Jamal Khwaja

His famous book - Five Approaches to Philosophy / He was the head of the department, Dean and Proctor of the University.

7. Prof. M. Rafique

His famous book - Aurobindo & Iqbal / He was the head of the department and Dean Faculty of Arts, AMU.

8. Dr. Noor Nabi (late)

His famous book - The Development of Muslim Religious Thought in India.

9. Dr. Irfan Ahmad (late) He was actively working on Quranic Language and it's understanding in USA (Chicago).

10. Prof. Jalalul Haque was the Chairman of the Department and also acting Dean Faculty of Arts, AMU.