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Dept. data last updated on :26/05/2023

Language Lab

SOP Multi Media Language Lab

  1. The Department of Persian has one well established Multimedia Language Lab.

2.     The Multimedia Language Lab is open to faculty, research scholars, Postgraduate and Undergraduate students. The Lab is used to promote teaching/learning of Persian Language skills. It also works as a training platform for Research and Development activities.

3.     Only bonafide students/scholars from The Department of Persian are allowed to use the Language Lab.

4.     Users are Not Permitted to Install, Modify, Delete or Copy any software/file or any infected external device installed on Lab Computers.

5.     The Lab resources are prohibited from usage for any illegal or disruptive purposes.

6.     Problems related to Lab hardware and software should be reported to the Lab In charge immediately.

7.     Users are expected to keep the Lab neat and tidy and if needed, should clean up the area around the computer used before leaving.

8.     Users are required to shutdown the computers before leaving the Lab.

9.     The use of computers & lab for accessing objectionable sites is strictly prohibited.