Land and Gardens

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Department of Land and Gardens


·         To develop and maintain biodiversity and greenery of the campus.

·         To maintain balance of ecosystem of campus by organic practices and water conservation.


·         Maintains the University park Gulistan-e-Syed and Sir Syed House Gardens.

·         Supply the plants and ornamentals to various departments and offices.

·         Arrange ornamentals plants during mega events like Sir Syed Day, Convocation, Court Meetings etc. and also for seminars, symposia, workshops in the university.

·         Maintain lawns and gardens of various departments, offices, halls of residence & residential colony etc.

·         Establish new lawns, gardens and landscape work.

·         Maintain the horticulture nursery at Victoria Gate.

·         Establish new saplings of road side trees and shrub across the campus.

·         Help removal of trees or branches which are damaged due to heavy winds, rain or some other reasons on the campus.

·         Organize flower shows during autumn and spring, each year.

·         Department of Land & Gardens also prepares leaf compost by collecting the fallen leaves of the campus.

Future plan

·         Efforts will be made to mechanize the processes such as grass cutting, pruning, trimming etc.

·         Emphasis will be given to collect all fallen leaves of the campus to convert them in organic manure.

·         Department will continue to work to maintain the greenery and biodiversity of the campus.

·         Department plans to develop land scaping in new areas of the campus.

·         Department will emphasize on conversing water in the campus.