Dr. Waseem Mushtaq



    Associate Professor


    Modern & Contemporary Visual Art Practices


    Fine Arts Section, Women’s College, AMU





    Time Table 2021-22 Odd Semester


Dr. Waseem Mushtaq joined the department of Fine Arts A.M.U. Aligarh in 2004 as an Assistant Professor.  In 2017 he was appointed as Associate Professor in Fine Arts Section, Women's College, A.M.U. Dr. Waseem has been consistently active as a teacher, researcher and artist. He has played a significant role in updating the curriculum to make the visual art study relevant to the contemporary issues. He has been consistently publishing his research articles in various journals. 

As an artist Dr. Waseem's exhibitions have been sponsored by some of the reputed art galleries of India, such as Art Heritage, Trevini Kala Sangam, N. Delhi, British Council, Vision, The Center of Art in N. Delhi, Nandan Gallery, Santinekatan, L.K.K. Lucknow. Among the international artists workshops and residencies that Dr. Waseem has participated the most notable are: 'Khoj Kasheer' and 'Imagine Peace!' both organised by KHOJ, International Artists' Association, New Delhi; 'Logistics of Perception: Images from Conflict Zones' organised by MAJLIS, Mumbai at Pondicherry. Four of his art-videos were screened at the special event in the department of Visual Culture, Goldsmiths, London.

In 2012 he participated by invitation in the International Art Exhibition "Char Adhayar', organised by Shantiniketan Friends in collaboration with Indo-Sri Lanka Foundation and SAARC at National Gallery, Colombo. In 2014 his Solo-Show of Paintings was sponsored by J&K Academy of Art, Culture and Languages at Kashmir University.In 2018 he participated as an invited artist in the Srinagar Biennale International, the Swiss, Basel, Switzerland, curated by Janine Schmutz and Parvez Imam.

  1. Confluence of Art and Technology with Special reference to Contemporary Art Practice in India.

    For centuries, across the worlds, artists have struggled to invent new techniques to perfect their articulation, which in turn has changed art and its relation to the viewer. In the course of art history technology has served as a useful aid to develop innovative methods for making art. For long the utilitarian notion of technology did not clash with the metaphysical or intuitive notions of art. But in modern times the reproduction technology has raised questions concerning authenticity and originality of an artwork. In the present transitory times the digital technology is continuously redefining art and the manner in which the art/audience response circuit has undergone a paradigm shift.  The present paper attempts to delineate a capsule account of the confluence between art and technology in general and discuss how Indian contemporary artists engage the art/technology interface in their art practice.

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  2. The image/text interface in the visual arts with special reference to the text-based works of Subodh Gupta, Shilpa Gupta and Jatish Kallat

    The paper seeks to investigate the moments of convergence, intersection, or interface between image and text in visual arts and how such interventions redefined art and how it called for a renewed response from the audience.

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  3. Revisiting the discourse of abstraction with special reference to as how it is placed in modern art in India
    Abstraction not only dominated as a general tendency of modernism in the west but also had a discernible presence in other non-western cultures. And whether this presence was received as an influence or impact or inspiration or difference remains to be a matter of contestation that the present paper tries to address. The paper aims to re-visit the discourse of abstraction in the western modernism and locate its position in the modern art in India.   

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  4. Locating the Feminist strain in the Modern and Contemporary Women Artists of India

    The paper attempts to locate the women artists of India whose work is reflective of gender representation in particular and informed by feminist concerns in general.

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  5. Idealism in Education: Some reflections on Prof. Mohi-ud-Din Hajni as an Educationist

    The education system is one of the most crucial concerns of the present world order. And especially the challenges that Hajni tries to address are even more pressing today as it may have been in the past. That is to draw certain equilibrium between the idealistic position and the factual reality. To strike a harmonious chord between the classical definitions and the status quo. To negotiate the thin line between utopias and dystopias.

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