Dr. Shah Mohd. Khan

    M.Sc. (Statistics), M.A. (Psychology), Ph.D. (Psy)


    Associate Professor


    Psycho-physiological Assessment, Statistics and Research Methodology, OB & HRM


    4/275 Firdaus Nagar, Qila Road - 2, Aligarh - 202002





    Time Table 2021 2022


Dr. Shah Mohd. Khan is Associate Professor at the Department of Psychology, Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh. He did Masters in Statistics & Psychology from AMU and obtained Ph.D. Degree in Psychology from the University of Lucknow. Prior to joining the AMU, Dr. Khan was an officer at the Research Designs and Standards Organization (only R&D organization of Indian Railways) and posted at Lucknow, Kolkata, and Mumbai. He was responsible for the selection of safety staff for Indian Railways through aptitude tests and research relating to human error in train operations.

He has over twenty-three years of research experience in applied psychology and 10+ years in teaching at UG/ PG levels. He was associated as team member in completion of 39 research projects over the Indian Railways. He has published two books. He has authored, co-authored, and contributed 50 research papers in National and International Journals. He has also developed, standardized, and published 21 aptitude tests/scales. 5 Ph.Ds under his supervision have been awarded, 1 submitted for evaluation, 1 pre-submission viva voce organized and 4 are in progress. 85 dissertations for the award of Master degree/PG Diploma have been submitted under his supervision. He is a program counselor for a number of courses at IGNOU and Centre for Online Distance Education. Dr. Khan has attended and presented papers in several National and International Conferences and Seminars. He has also organized a number of workshops for Industries/Organizations/ Universities on Online learning & teaching and Data Analytics. He is an invited speaker to 80+ Research Methodology workshops sponsored by ICSSR and allied Institutions/Universities in India. Dr. Khan is a member of two top academic bodies of the university. He is also Managing Editor and Member of the Editorial Board & Review Committee for 3 International Journals.

Dr. Khan has vast experience in developing research methodology, data analysis using SPSS, SAS, Statistica, Stata, etc. software and interpretation of results. In addition to this his current areas of research are: Psycho-physiological Assessment, Statistics, Research Methods, Industrial Psychology, Organizational Behaviour and Human Resource Management.

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