Dr. Sarwar Rais



    Associate Professor



    "SANAWAR" Behind M.U. College, Wadi-e- Ismail,Dhorra, Aligarh - 202002


    +91 9411040737


A joined research in 1977 under the supervision of Prof. N. Ahmad and completed M. Phil degree (1981) and Ph. D degree (1985) in the stratigraphy and origin of techier glacial sediments in parts of Central India (now Chhattisgarh). During this period besides pursuing for M. Phil and Ph. D courses, I also worked as a project fellow (JRF) in a project in induced ice melting experiments on the glaciers in Kashmir Himalayas. This project was sponsored by National Council of Science and Technology (Govt. of India. After Ph. D., I worked as a Research Associate in a projected sanctioned by Department of Science and Technology (Govt. of India). This project was aimed to study the glaciers of the Himalayas. The results of this project were published (1998) in form of a monograph. In the year 1989, I joined as a Lecturer (temporary) in the department of Geology, AMU. After working for more than a year, due to some unavoidable circumstances, I had to leave the department of Geology and briefly worked as a Mud Logging Engineer (Geologist) in an oil exploration company in Ahmadabad (Gujarat). In the year 1994, I was once again appointed as a Lecturer in the department of Geology, AMU and promoted as Reader in the year 2002. My area of research interest is the sediment logical, strati graphical and geochemical study of Paleozoic gundwana sediments especially glacial sediments in Central India. One student has completed Ph. D. and four students are presently enrolled for Ph. D. under my supervision. The subjects assigned to me for teaching are, basics of Geology (B. Sc. I yr.) stratigraphy and sedimentology (B. Sc. II and III yr. and M. Sc.) My research papers are published in journals of Asian Earth Sciences, Geological Society of India, Indian Association of Sediment logists, Current Science etc.
  1. Publication
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pulmonary embolism
ovarian tumors
imaging of degenerative diseases of brain
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