Prof. Izharul Haq Farooqi

    M.Sc. Engg (Environmental and Water Resources), Ph.D, B.Sc. Engg. (civil)




    Environmental Engineering, Corrosion Control


    4/196 Hamdard Nagar B, Near Kirmani Masjid, Aligarh.





    TT Winter Sem


Dr. Farooqi has been working in the environmental engineering field for the last thirty four years. The areas of specialization are water and wastewater treatment including biological treatment, Biodegradation of toxic wastes, corrosion control. Teaching interests include Biological treatment of wastewaters, environmental chemistry and microbiology, Industrial water treatment. Dr. Farooqi has published One hundred and twenty-seven research papers in international /national journals and conferences. having citations over 3185 (h - index 32 and i10 - index as 60). Some of the journals in which papers have been published include Water Science and Technology, Elsevier Journal of hazardous waste, Waste Management,  ASCE, Trends in Analytical Chemistry, Journal of Cleaner Production, Bioresource Technology, Elsevier Journal of Environmental Science, Environmental Management, Chemosphere, Taylor and Francis journal of Environmental Technology, Royal Society of Chemistry, British Corrosion Journal, American Journal of CORROSION, Journal of Corrosion Prevention and Control and Anti Corrosion Methods and Materials. Apart from this Dr. Farooqi has presented research papers in international conferences in U.S.A., Switzerland, Norwey, Netherlands, Malaysia, Singapore, Italy, Saudi Arabia, Denmark, London and in different places in India. Dr. Farooqi has delivered more than hundred invited talks. Dr. Farooqi has mobilized a large amount of consultancy for the department and has established an state of the art advanced environmental engineering laboratory through research projects and has been an expert member in the various national bodies. Dr. Farooqi has supervised eleven Ph.D scholars and another four are under supervision. Dr. Farooqi has supervised 79 M.Tech. dissertations. Besides Dr. Farooqi has received six research projects form different organizations. DR. Farooqi is currently serving as chairperson of the department. Dr. Farooqi has participated in the Ministry of Human Resource Development, MHRD's Leadership for Academicians Program (LeAP) and has attended two weeks training program at Monash University, Melbourne, Australia under the same program. Also received Young Scientist Award from UP Council of Science and Technology in 2002. 

  1. Key Publications

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