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This part of the bibliography is in English divided into four sections: (1) Works by Sir Syed, (2) Books on Sir Syed, (3) Articles on Sir Syed and (4) Theses on Sir Syed and Aligarh Movement. In order to make it more reader friendly the books and articles on Sir Syed are thematically arranged and divided in sub-sections: (a) Biography of Sir Syed, (b) Religious Thought of Sir Syed, (c) Educational Thought of Sir Syed, (d) Socio-political Thought of Sir Syed, (e) Sir Syed on History, (f) Sir Syed on Urdu, (g) Sir Syed on Journalism, (h) Sir Syed on Modernity and (i) Aligarh Movement / Associates of Sir Syed.


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Religious Thought of Sir Syed

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Educational Thought of Sir Syed

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Socio-political Thought of Sir Syed

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Aligarh Movement / Associates of Sir Syed

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