Web talk on 'Science and Technology Libraries Evolving Support Services for Open Science'


Aligarh, January 11: The role of libraries on Open Science has been recognised and discussed at multiple fora and  endorsed publicly by international organisations and stakeholders, said Dr J K Vijaya Kumar, the University Library Director of the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, Saudi Arabia.

He was delivering a web talk on 'Science and Technology Libraries Evolving Support Services for Open Science' organised by the Department of Library and Information Science, Aligarh Muslim University (AMU).

Dr J K Vijaya added that academic libraries support a good part of what constitutes Open Science as open access to publications and more recently, open data.

Delineating the open science concept, he emphasised that the idea has become a very important approach to scientific process, with components such as open source, open data, open note book, open peer review, open educational resources and scientific social networks.

"The United Nations will soon make a policy for academic institutes to take necessary initiatives for the scholarly communication related to open science," said Dr J K Vijaya adding that the near future will have libraries taking multipurpose roles like institutional profiling, citation profiling, funding sponsors, scholarly records, open access resources, literature review, RDM, OER and curation of digital objects among others.

He also explained various new domains of open science.

Dr M Masoom Raza (Chairperson, Department of Library and Information Science) delivered the welcome address. Dr Muzamil Mushtaq conducted the programme and moderated the question and answer session.


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