Court Election AMU - Donors' Representatives

Election Rules





1. Under Statue 14(1)(xxi) of the AMU (Amendment) Act 1981, read with Clause 6 of Chapter 1-A of the ordinances (Executive), ten representatives of Donors who have donated at least a sum of Rs. 10,000/- or Rs. 20,000/- or Rs. 1,00,000 as per applicable statute at the time of donation or transferred property worth at least Rs. 10,000/- or Rs. 20,000/- or Rs. 1,00,000 as per applicable statute at the time of donation to the Aligarh Muslim University are to be elected from amongst themselves as members of the University Court for a period of three years.

2. (i) Only those persons whose names figure in the electoral list shall be eligible/entitled to vote in the election. Recurring entries of names, if any, shall not entitle a voter to an additional vote.

(ii) No employee of the University shall be eligible to contest this election of the University Court according to the proviso of Statute 14(1) of the Statutes of the University.

3. Any objections/representations regarding errors/omissions or commissions in the Voters’ List should be made in writing before the date fixed for the purpose by the Chief Election Officer.

4. No alterations or additions shall be made in the electoral list after they have been finalized subsequent to the disposal of objections/representations.

5. Nomination on the prescribed form addressed to the Chief Election Officer should be sent through registered A.D. Post or Speed Post or Courier Service in sealed envelopes (or by hand) so as to reach the Office of the Chief Election Officer on or before the date notified for this purpose. Nomination received after the notified time and date shall not be entertained.

6. Scrutiny of nomination papers shall be made by the Chief Election Officer on the date notified. Each candidate or his/her duly authorized agent in writing shall be entitled to be present at such scrutiny. The agent so authorized must be an elector in the Donors’ category.

7. Any candidate may withdraw his/her candidature by the notified date in writing to the Chief Election Officer. The request for withdrawal should also be sent by registered A.D. Post or by Courier Service.

8. The final list of the valid nominated candidates shall be notified by the Chief Election Officer on the date fixed for the purpose and shall be limited to eligible voters.

9. In case more nomination than the number to be elected are received, election will be held as per notified schedule. However, if number of valid nominations does not exceed the number of candidates to be elected, the candidates so nominated shall be declared as duly elected by Chief Election Officer.

10. Votes shall be cast through postal Ballot by the Voters in a sealed envelope specially sent for this purpose and duly signed on the front and the back side of the envelope according to the schedule announced separately. The Sealed Envelope shall be sent to the Chief Election Officer through the Registered AD post/ Speed Post/Courier during office hours on the date and time notified for this purpose.

11. All Ballot paper shall be containing an unique serial number for easy identification and cancellation for issuance of duplicate Ballot paper (if needed).

12. If any member claims that he/she has not received the ballot paper, which was sent by Speed Post by the Chief Election Officer, the concerned member may approach the Chief Election Officer (CEO) in person (during office hours) to get a duplicate ballot paper be issued to him/her, before 3 days of the last date of submission of ballot papers in the office of Chief Election Officer. In this particular situation the original ballot paper be treated as cancelled and duplicate ballot paper issued by the Chief Election Officer will be treated as final.

13. In case duplicate ballot paper is issued to a voter, he is required to cast the vote on the same day of issue of duplicate ballot paper in the office of the Chief Election Officer within office Hours. In case the voter failed to cast the vote on the same day within office Hours he will not be allowed to cast his vote on subsequent days and issued duplicate ballot paper will be invalid/cancelled and no new Duplicate Ballot Paper will be issued.

14. The person approaching for issuance of duplicate ballot paper shall submit his proof of identity through admissible Govt. documents which will include any one of the following valid documents: -

1. Passport

2. Aadhaar Card

3. Driving License

4. PAN Card

5. Voter ID card issued by the Election Commission of India

15. Each candidate or his/her duly authorized agent have the right to be present at the time of counting of votes, provided that such an agent shall be a voter listed in the electoral list of Donors.

16. All rights of decision, interpretation or clarification of the foregoing shall vest in the Chief Election Officer. Provided that any appeal against the decision of Chief Election Officer by any aggrieved party may be made to the Vice-Chancellor within one weeks of the decision and the Vice-Chancellor’s decision shall be final.