Dr. Farrukh Basheer

    M.Tech., Ph.D.


    Assistant Professor


    Environmental Engineering, Water and Wastewater Treatment


    350, Road 6, Iqra Colony, Aligarh 202002





    Time Table

Dr. Farrukh Basheer has been a member of the faculty of Department of Civil Engineering at Aligarh Muslim University since 2011. He received a B.Tech. in Civil Engineering and M.Tech. in Environmental Engineering from Aligarh Muslim University. He received PhD degree from Aligarh Muslim University in 2012. Throughout his academic career Dr. Basheer has been an active researcher, and has undertaken research particularly in the area of biological wastewater treatment. He has authored over 20 publications. Presently he is involved in teaching undergraduate and postgraduate environmental engineering courses. Dr. Basheer got three projects from different govt. funding agency in his early career namely UGC start-up grant, TEQIP-II Seed Money and DST-SERB. Recently Dr. Basheer has received Early Career Research Award (ECRA) from SERB Department of Science and Technology Govt. of India.
  1. Publication

    1. Farrukh Basheer, Asad Aziz, Diwakar Sharma, Ashish Sengar, Izharul Haq Farooqi. “Bioenergy production and slaughterhouse wastewater treatment in column type anaerobic sequencing batch reactor without any external mixer or gas/liquid recirculation”.Journal of Environmental Engineering. (ASCE).,  147(3): 04021004 2021 (SCI Impact Factor 1.590) 
    1. Khan, S.U.; Farooqi, I.H.; Usman, M.; Basheer, F. “Energy Efficient Rapid Removal of Arsenic in an Electrocoagulation Reactor with Hybrid Fe/Al Electrodes: Process Optimization Using CCD and Kinetic Modeling.” Water 202012, 2876. (SCI Impact Factor: 2.554)

    2. Aziz A, Farrukh Basheer, Ashish Sengar, Irfanullah, Saif Ullah Khan, Izharul Haq Farooqi “Biological wastewater treatment (Anaerobic-Aerobic) technologies for safe discharge of treated slaughterhouse and meat processing wastewater” Science of the Total Environment, (Elsevier)686,2019 Pages 681-708  (SCI Impact Factor: 5.589)
    3. Saif Ullah Khan, Dar Tafazul Islam, Izharul Haq Farooqi, Sohail Ayub and Farrukh Basheer, “Hexavalent chromium removal in an electrocoagulation column reactor: Process Optimization using CCD, adsorption kinetics and pH modulated sludge formation” Process Safety and Environmental Protection, (Elsevier) 122, 2019, Pages 118-130 (SCI Impact Factor: 4.384)
    4. Ashish Sengar, Asad Aziz, Izharul Haq Farooqi, Farrukh Basheer, "Development of denitrifying phosphate accumulating and anammox micro-organisms in anaerobic hybrid reactor for removal of nutrients from low strength domestic sewage"Bioresource Technology,2018, (Elsevier) (SCI Impact Factor: 6.69)
    5. Ashish Sengar, Farrukh Basheer, Asad Aziz, Izharul Haq Farooqi "Aerobic granulation technology: Laboratory studies to full scale practices" Journal of Cleaner Production (Elsevier) 2018 ( SCI Impact Factor: 6.395)
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    11. Farrukh Basheer and I H Farooqi “Development of aerobic granules in sequencing batch reactor with p-nitrophenol as sole carbon source” Journal of water Reuse and Desalination, IWA U.K. 05/2012; 1(2):22-32 ISSN Print: 2220-1319(SCI, Impact Factor: 2.00)
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CE 623 Ecology
CE 623 Classification of Microorganisms
ECE-429 Tutorial
ECE429 Air pollution
CEC2170 Water Environment
CEC2170 DO Sag Curve
Tutorial I CEC2170
CEC -ECEC 3130 Solid waste management
CEC- ECEC 3130 Noise Pollution
CEE6460 Ecology and Environmental Microbiology
CEC 6140 Solid and hazardous waste management Unit I and II (M.Tech II Sem Environmental Engineering)
CEC 2170 Environmental Engineering -I Unit III
CEC 2170 ECEC 2170 Environmental Engineering -I UNIT IV Air Pollution
CEC 2170 Environmental Engineering -I UNIT III Disinfection
CEC 6140 Solid and hazardous waste management Unit II " Typical landfill Design"
CEC 6140 Solid and hazardous waste management Unit II " Landfills/ Composting"
CEC 2170 Environmental engineering -I Tutorial -1/Assignment -1
CEC 6140 Tutorial Assignment Sheet -1
CEC 6140 Solid and hazardous waste management Unit II and IV " Thermal treatment/Incineration"
CEC 2170 / ECEC 2170 Environmental Engineering -I UNIT IV Air Pollution Control Devices