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    Modern Arabic Literature , Quranic and Sir Syed Studies


    Kabir Colony, Near Old Mosque Jamalpur, Aligarh





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Prof. Abu Sufyan Islahi holds a Bachelor's degree (B.A) in Arabic, a Master's degree (M.A) in Arabic, and a Master of Philosophy (M.Phil.) in Arabic. He further pursued his passion for research and obtained a (Ph.D) in Arabic, demonstrating his dedication to advancing his knowledge and expertise in the field.

He joined the department of Arabic as Assistant Professor in 1991. He has teaching, research and administrative experience of around 3 decades. He has authored more than 70 books, published 139 Research Papers and 329 Articles to his credit. 19 theses has been supervised by him. A total of 28 thousand pages has been pen down by him in Arabic and Urdu. Two Ph.Ds are ongoing on his profound study and valuable contributions on Sir Syed.

He has been conferred with "NUQOOSH AWARD" for his distinguished Article on "Concept of ALLAH in Arabic Poetry", "SANAD-E-TAUSEEF" by Fakhruddin Ali Ahmad Memorial Committee on Book “Quraniat ke Chand Aham Mabahis” & "SANAD-E-TAUSEEF" by Uttar Pradesh Urdu Aademi on book “Tasaweer Aligarh”. He also worked as Chief Editor of Tehzeebul Akhlaq. He is founding member as well as member of consultative council of world's leading organization "Uloom-ul-Quran". The "Index of Quran" prepared by him has been praised by World Book Review, London. 
Active on the global stage, he has attended 53 international conferences, delivered 99 international plenary lectures and served on 26 international advisory & editorial boards, influencing research and publications at an international level

Furthermore, Professor Islahi's administrative acumen extends to participation in committees and councils, both in AMU and other educational organizations. His participation in the NAAC report preparation committee and inspection teams for recognizing madrasa degrees is another evidence of his dedication to educational excellence and quality. He also served as the convener of the Sir Syed Bicentenary Celebration Committee at Aligarh Muslim University in 2015 and actively took part in honoring Sir Syed Ahmad Khan. In addition, he has held positions such as Chairman of Syllabus Framing Committee for the National Commission for Indian System of Medicine, Coordinator for the Departmental Maintenance Committee & Refresher Course, Member of Seminar/Conference/Webinar Organizing Committee, Alumni Affairs Committee, Research Advisory Committee, Career Counseling Committee, Purchase Committee and many more. His involvement in these committees reflects his administrative capabilities.

Apart from his contributions to Aligarh Muslim University, Prof. Islahi has played key roles in non-governmental organizations (NGOs) as well. He has been serving as the President of the Insaniyat Educational & Welfare Society since 2017, and the President of the Scientific Research Academy since 2022. Main aim of this NGO is to bring development and change in society through education.

He has been invited as Resource Person at various National and International Universities. He had attended and delivered Keynote Addresses at number of National and International Seminars held in different universities. He has been appointed as paper setter of various exams conducted by U.P.S.C., A.M.U., Lucknow University, Allahabad University, Purvanchal University, and many more. He also delivers lectures in his YouTube web-series on Quranic Knowledge.

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