Department of Community Medicine

About the Department

Dept. data last updated on :10/04/2024

The Department of Preventive and Social Medicine was established in 1962. As the importance and scope of the subject increased, the name was changed to Department of Community Medicine.

The department carries out its primary objectives of teaching and training of Undergraduate (MBBS) and Postgraduate students (MD) and training of interns in community medicine. Department collaborates with District Hospital in planning and implementation of several National Health Programs such as National Revised National T.B. Control Programme, National Polio Eradication Programme, National AIDS Control Programme, National Immunization Programme, Maternal and Child Health Program, and Blindness Control Program etc.

Research in the areas of Public Health and Community Health are essential aspects of the department.

The Community Health training gives a clear picture of socio-cultural, economic and other multiple factors associated with health and disease, and concepts about planning and management of programs for preventing disease and improving health of the community as a whole.

At post graduate level, it prepares the Public Health Specialist, an important human resource for the country, with job opportunities in several public health domains at national and international level.


To be a Centre of excellence in Community Medicine, Epidemiology and research by providing high quality education, ethical values and services for the Community with the spirit of Scientific enquiry and empathy.


1.      To train and prepare the medical students as community physicians who can provide comprehensive health care to the community.

2.      To develop among the medical students a sense of social responsibility and sensibility.

3.      To sensitize and nurture the aptitude for research among the undergraduate and post graduate
medical students.

Rural Health Training Centre (RHTC) & Urban Health Training Centre (UHTC)

The Department has two well-established Teaching and Training Centres, one in Rural Area, Jawan, situated 17 Km from Aligarh on Anoopshahar Road and the other in a periurban area at No.-1 Qila Road, Purani Chungi.

The following services & facilities are provided in both the centres: -


General OPD, ANC OPD, Under 5 OPD, Psychiatry OPD, Ophthalmology OPD, Dental OPD, DOTs Centre etc.

Screening & Diagnostic Test

CBC, GBP, M.P. Smear, Blood Sugar, VDRL, Widal Test, LFT, RFT, Lipid Profile, Pregnancy Test, Urine R/M, Stool Ova/ Cyst, Montoux Test & Sputum for AFB etc.


Medicines are provided free of cost to all the registered patients.