Department of Chemistry


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Doctorate of Philosophy




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Program educational objectives (PEOs) of doctoral study are:

  1. To identify the complex problems existing in chemical science and interdisciplinary fields, and to provide an effective solution for economic growth, sustainable development, and enrichment of the quality of human life and ecosystem.

  2. To carry out innovative and translation research in a systematic way with proper strategy and design following standard safety procedure and good laboratory practice.

  3. To develop the scientific temper that enhances the ability of questioning, testing, hypothesizing, analysing, and observing physical reality.

  4. To improve communication and writing skills, ethical behaviour, and proactive involvement in quality research.

  5. Our doctorates will have a successful career in academia, industries and chemical laboratories.


At the end of the program, a doctoral student will be able to:

  1. Recognise the problems related to chemistry and its effective solution by proper research.

  2. Use modern library searching such as Scifinder to obtain the latest information about a topic and Chemdraw to write chemical reactions.

  3. Handle sophisticated instruments such as NMR, X-Ray, EPR, ITC, FTIR, GCMS, AAS, CV, UV-Vis and Fluorescence spectrophotometer and softwares for statistical treatment and interpretation of data.

  4. Use ethical sensibilities to conduct their research as responsible scientists with others, in a professional and social setting.

  5. Effectively communicate the results of their research work to both scientific and non-scientific communities.

  6. Communicate well, make effective presentations, and write effective reports, documentation and research papers for publication.