Senior Secondary School (Girls)

Sir Syed Ahmad Khan, one of the great educationist and social reformer of 19th Century visualized the need of modern education for muslim community. His contemporary Sheikh Mohd. Abdullah pioneered Girl?s education.

 In 1906 Sheikh Mohd. Abdullah and his wife Waheed Jahan Begum started a School for Girls, which gradually grew into a Girls High School, Senior Secondary School and Women?s College.

 Senior Secondary School (Girls) was established through the University Act as an institution in 1987.

 It caters education to 1000 students of class XI and XII

 The admission in class XI is given on the basis of an All India Test conducted by Aligarh Muslim University.

 As per the resolution of the Ministry of Human Resource Development i.e. to promote Women education and empowerment of women, the school strives to impart quality education to girls. It is a major feeder institution for higher education at Aligarh Muslim University.

 Women?s Education need special attention as they equally contribute to the growth and development of the country. To             achieve this target, they need to be equipped with modern education and state of the art vocational skills.

 Therefore, other than the regular courses taught in the school, it is proposed to start the following vocation courses in the school with the approval of University Academic and Executive bodies and the U.G.C. The approval of UGC is required for the sanction of teaching positions in the proposed subjects.

             i.          Computer Science

            ii.          Biotechnology

            iii.         Informatics Practices

            iv.         Multimedia & Web Technology

            v.         Entrepreneurship

            vi.         Fashion Studies

 Two years back NCC was the part of school programme and our girls excelled in it. On account of non-availability of  teacher it has been shifted to Women?s College. School wants to start it again to prepare student for NDA etc.