Sir Syed Academy

      The emergence of Sir Syed Ahmad Khan in the second half of 19th century played a crucial role in the developmentof social, cultural and educational life of Muslims of India. Sir Syed was a visionary person having versatile abilities. He strived for communal harmony and nation building. The school he founded at Aligarh  in 1875 became Aligarh Muslim University in 1920.From the seed that we sow today, there may spring up a mighty tree whose branches, like those of the Banyan of the soil, shall in their turn strike firm roots into the earth and themselves send forth new and vigorous sapling; that this College may expand into a University whose sons shall go forth throughout the length and breadth of the land to preach the gospel of free inquiry, of large-hearted tolerance and of pure morality. The House, which was occupied by Sir Syed Ahmad Khan( originally  a military mess) for more than two decades, is now the location of  Sir Syed Academy. It was purchased by Syed Mahmud in 1876 for the residence of his father.  Sir Ross Masud used it as the Vice Chancellor's residence. It was also used as annexie of Sir Syed Hall.  As a tribute to the founder, the house was  renovated and  converted  into a Sir Syed  memorial  in the early seventies. The  Sir Syed Academy was formally  inaugurated on 22nd October, 1974.  Since its inception the Academy is instrumental in generating  an awareness and understanding among its visitors and Aligarh fraternity about the tremendous contribution, which Sir Syed Ahmad khan has made in the educational, technological, social and cultural development. The Academy  rightly highlight's the  efforts taken up   by  Sir Syed Ahmad Khan  in  promoting the  noble cause of nation building.