Centre for Distance Education

The Centre for Distance Education (CDE) is an integral part of the University ( established under Section 5(9A) of the University Act). Adopting flexible and innovative methods of education to ensure 'independent learning' to anyone, anytime and anywhere, the Centre offers programmes of the study that are customized to meet the learning requirements of knowledge seekers as well as to ensure that they learn at their own pace and convenience. Within the financial means of University, due care has been taken to keep the cost of education low so that educationally backward sections can take advantage of University's programmes. Centre for Distance Education has a special commitment to the cause of Women's education, particularly of the minority community, among those who are educationally and economically deprived section. Given an opportunity to study at home supported with self learning study materials, women can benefit immensely from this programme.

It has the potential to realize Sir Syed's dream of emancipating our down trodden community from the shackles of illiteracy and ignorance, and bring them into the mainstream. The fact remains that the desire and demand for education exists in many sections but due to the fact that Colleges and Universities cannot accommodate beyond a particular limit, many cannot find admission. There is also a large section of society which is unable to participate in the normal stream of education due to occupational, financial or social constraints. All these persons can get an opportunity to derive the benefits of education through distance mode. By taking advantage of the advances in information and communication technologies to widen the reach of education and to enhance quality of education through the use of multi-media methods of teaching and learning, the Centre aims at giving the students an opportunity to learn and appear for the examination of the course which will be conducted by the University