Administration (Non Teaching)


The Administration Section (Non-teaching) deals with various matters regarding non-teaching staff of all the administrative units/departments across the university. Categorically, it process the matters as detailed below-


  • To Maintain ACR (Annual Confidential Report).
  • To issue appointment orders of all categories of non-teaching staff.
  • To issue periodical extensions in the term of temporary appointments.
  • To issue appointment orders on Compassionate Ground.
  • To process cases of voluntary retirement / Invalid Pension.
  • To issue appointment orders of MIC/Director/Coordinator/Manager of the Schools.
  • To grant permission for extension in tenure and deployment of Daily Wagers.
  • Transfer and Posting.
  • To grant No Objection Certificates.
  • To process Haj deputation cases.
  • To sanction different types of leave.
  • To issue order pertaining to Leave Encashment of retired non-teaching staff and under Leave Travel Concession Scheme.
  • To process the proposals for grant of EDA/Honorarium.
  • To deal with the court cases of non-teaching staff filed in the High Court & Lower Court.
  • To deal with RTI applications of the Section as well as Registrar's Secretariat.